Project Management

At General Cable we magnify the value of our products and technologies with expertise in technical and customer service. Every project is followed from the beginning to the end by our Project Managers and Engineers to ensure the best service.

Our experience in this market sector has resulted in innovative services such as technical support at the FEED stage of the projects to ensure that the best cabling solution is specified to meet the requirements of the project.
Main tasks of project management:

  • Follow the project from the beginning (quotation) to the end (delivery and documentation)
  • Customer contact for any information in manufacturing
  • Regular meetings with customer
  • Follow the manufacturing and report to customer

Main tools of project management:

  • Process Flow Chart to follow-up on Client requirements
  • Organization Chart
  • Quality and Inspection Test Plan
  • Production Schedule / Progress Report
  • Regular meetings (Audits, KOM, conference calls, etc.)
  • Manufacturing Record Books
At General Cable we have a dedicated global service backed by value-added services, environmental responsibility and a commitment to customer service. Kick off meetings, solving issues, documentation management and close communication with the customers are top priorities for General Cable.

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